Baking Bread for Mother’s Day

Home! I love being home! After months of family travel, we are home.

I am thinking about moms today.

For some it reason, it makes me want to bake bread.

It’s because I’m home!

Oatmeal, I think. With molasses.

Odd, because my mother never made oatmeal bread with molasses.

But it makes me think of mothers.

I am listening to the 60s, 70s, 80s hits station on Pandora.

Another thing my mother never did.

 >> Here are two of my favorite bread recipes…

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Love for David Simon

With sorrow I write my thoughts of Dr. David Simon’s death.

I find peace in his daughter, Izzy’s remarks that perhaps he has been called home to teach something about meditation and gardening to the Creator. I love that.

During my years as Executive Chef at the Chopra Center, David Simon was both mentor and friend, whose thoughts and teachings I carry with me today.

When I once whined to David that my work in the Chopra Center kitchen many hours a day kept me from completing my writing, he advised me to “Get up at 4, meditate, write until 6, go to work.” I have kept that and much more from David in my life’s “tool kit” throughout the last fifteen years.

He was a shining example of all he believed and taught.

My love goes to Pam, Max, Sara and Izzy and all who loved David. He will be missed and honored.



Please visit Love for David, a web site dedicated to remembering David Simon.

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More Whimsical Food Art

Continuing the theme of food art made with non-food items, here is a delightful video by PES about making guacamole.

I love what happens when he “dices” the “onion” and the “tomato”. Watch the video here.

I know, I know, this is not food, but it’s about food, and art, and humor, all of which are very important to me.

You can read an interview with PES here.

In his own words: “In general, I never sketch storyboards for my own films. I jot my ideas down in words. I am very involved with searching and finding the objects for my films: first, because I like to do it; and second, because trolling through antique stores, flea markets, and eBay is part of my creative process. I find it relaxing, and it’s a great way to come up with new ideas.”

PES also has a website and a Facebook fanpage.

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Knitted Food!

I love to knit, and right now while my latest book manuscript is in the editing stages at the publisher, I’m knitting while I wait to see the galley proofs.

Ed Bing Lee is an amazing artist and knitter. He has made all sorts of things in his 25-year career but his “Delectable” series of knitted food takes the cake (as it were).

Looking at these creations I am totally unravelled!

Here are photos on Ed’s own site…

And more photos here…

Here is another site with pictures of this wonderful art…

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